Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ice Tup Tuesday! Toffee Fudgecicles

Everyone loves fudgecicles! This is a total childhood favorite for me. I still can't find the brand that my grandma used to buy, they were so creamy and chocolatey! I put a little twist in mine! I love toffee!

This happy treat is very simple to make!
1 large box instant chocolate pudding.
2 cups whole milk (I know, I know, the calories! But when cooking it is best to use the full fat versions of dairy products) You can use skim or 2% but it's not as creamy.
~1/2 cup of Heath bits

Make the pudding according to the directions on the box. And gently fold in the bits. Pour evenly in the molds, seal and freeze!

From: Poff's Kitchen
Makes: 6 ice tups plus a good sized cup to snack on!

And now for some adorable pictures of my babies enjoying them!

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