Tuesday, June 15, 2010

IceTup Tuesday! Rainbow Popsicles

These are a childhood memory...I remember mom making all kinds of popsicles for us with these magical things! And of course chewing on the ends...when we were done...much like my children have! I remember getting to help make them and enjoying them all summer long. When Philip was a baby I bought mine off of eBay because Tupperware had discontinued them. They bring them back every now and then, last time they were Mickey Mouse ones. I'm getting 2 more sets soon so we can share with friends or make different ones at a time. Thru the summer on Tuesdays I hope to give you a new fun idea to make homemade popsicles for your little ones or just a treat for you & friends! Enjoy!

2 small bananas
8-10 ripe strawberries
2 kiwi
1 handful of blueberries

In individual bowls..mash each fruit well with a fork that's it! Children can help with this...it's fun and everyone likes making a mess!
Once mashed, take the one with the least and put in the bottom, ours was banana, then blueberries, kiwi and strawberries. Tap lightly to settle, add a little more if needed. Just make sure you can still seal them up.
Seal, and freeze! You can do this with little dixie cups and popsicles sticks if you don't have molds. Just carefully add each fruit to get a good band of color.

And now, because my kids are so cute...here they are enjoying them!!


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