Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This is dedicated to Grandma, to many she is known as Evelyn, Mom, Aunt Ev, me she is simply Grandma. But she is and always will be so much more to me than just that word: mom, angel, comforter, protector, rock, guide, teacher, advisor, cook, shopping buddy, domino-phase 10-Chinese checker partner, and so much more. She brought me into the kitchen at 7 and I never looked back. She always had patience with me even when I spilled the entire pot of pork chilie on her new carpet. And always had time to make something with me even if it was just a strawberry milkshake from her strawberries on a hot summer day. She has always inspired me to do more and create beautiful things. And to her I dedicate this and all things  I create to her.

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