Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I will be better at this....

Sorry I haven't added new additions to the blog in a few months. To catch anyone who reads this up...Grandma lost her battle with cancer 16 October but Heaven gained an Angel.  I went home and was able to be with her in the end as well as my aunts, Daddy and cousins. We were all there, it was really beautiful. Very hard to explain. She was my constant...and now...I don't have that's very empty, again very hard to explain. The girl cousins got to help the Aunts clean out her closet and we found all kinds of neat treasures, little things that made us laugh and cry, it was one of those things I'll never experience again. And am very thankful for. I couldn't bring myself to look in her kitchen, or touch her cookbooks. I wanted all that to be as she last used it knowing that she hadn't used them in a long time but I can pretend, and then when the time is right I can look at them again. I even quit cooking for a while and stopped creating things. And that made me sad, because I do get joy from it, so I will do this again and get back in the kitchen and I will continue to add to this and share the love that she shared with me. And maybe we will all get a glimpse of her every now and then. Thank you for reading this and keep cooking! I miss you everyday.

*That is all of the cousins together just for her. How we have changed!

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