Friday, February 26, 2010

Jello Cake

My Mom 1st made this dessert that is wonderful on a hot summer day...but just as fun in the winter, sometime around 1991. It quickly became a family favorite. I enjoy making this very easy but impressive cake.
1 white cake mix + ingredients to make it
1 large box of Jello- red and green are the most visually pleasing or 2 small boxes of Jello for a 2 color cake
Large tub of Cool Whip for a 2 layer cake or a Small tub for a 9x13 cake

Make and bake the cake according to the box. In the last few minutes of the cake baking prepare the Jello but make it stronger, I use a 1/2 cup less water, for the larger box. When the cakes are done, take a straw and poke holes all over the cake. If you don't have a straw, you can use a fork. Then take the jello one color per cake or just half per cake for layer cake and pour into the holes. If making a 9x13 use all Jello on cake. And put into fridge to cool and set the Jello, if you want to speed the process you can put the cake in the freezer. Once cooled and set for 9x13 frost with Cool Whip, decorate if you want and serve. For a layered cake remove from pans and set the 1st on a cake plate, frost with Cool Whip. Remove the 2nd cake and place on top and frost. Decorate, I like to use sugar sprinkles. And make swoopies on the top. Serve cold and refrigerate the left overs.

Makes: 1 layer cake or 1 9x13 cake
From: Mom

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