Monday, June 14, 2010

Mommy What's for Lunch Monday- Scrambled Toad in the Hole

Yes, this is technically a breakfast food, but when you add cheese and serve it for lunch it's a lunch food! Thank you to the lovely land of England for giving us this lovely food! Normally I would fry the egg...but my kids will not eat a fried egg. So I thought why not scramble it?!

Cut a slice of bread with a cup or round cookie cutter. If you want to make it fun, as long as it's large enough you can use a shaped cookie cutter. *Kids can help with this.
Melt a little butter in the pan, yes I have no stick pans, but there will always be butter used for's not proper without butter.
Crack and scramble 1 egg. I don't add any liquid to it, a little salt & pepper. *Kids can help with this.
Place the bread in the pan and carefully pour the egg in the center. Some of the egg will come out the side, it's ok...sprinkle a little cheese on top. You can also add a little chopped ham or some veggies. Make it fun! Cook & flip to cook the other side.
I cut it into fourths for the little one. But the bigger kids can pick up and eat!
Yum! Enjoy!

From: Poff's Kitchen (whilst it twas in England)
Makes: 1 toad in the hole

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