Saturday, June 12, 2010

Red White & Blue! Cupcakes

I saw this on a blog and had to make them for Memorial Day! We had a very special Vet/Parent with us over the weekend! They are quite easy and fun to make! And sure to impress everyone! You can do any colors and mix it up! I've seen rainbow layers...your favorite team? School Colors...the possibilities are endless!

1 white cake mix + ingredients to make the cake.
Food coloring (I used regular food coloring, but professional dyes make a more vibrant color)
Buttercream Frosting
Chocolate decorations (didn't make them this time...but they will be done in the future!)

Start with mixing the cake mix, devide the mix among 3 bowls evenly. Dye the batter, what ever colors you are using. Line with cupcake paper, and start with the bottom color and evenly devide the 1st color. This is evenly do this. Do this with the 2nd and 3rd colors.

Bake according to directions. I love the smell of cake! That's how I can tell they are ready, I haven't used a timer in years...this wonderful smell just starts filling the house.
Once done, cool competely on wire racks. Prepare frosting and make chocolate decorations. (Another Post) You can use molds but I love to freehand!  Frost and decorate!!


Makes: 24 cupcakes
(great blog! Check it out!)

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