Tuesday, May 31, 2011


 One of the reasons I have been deemed the "Food Mistress" is because I have lots of friends on Facebook that will post food and link me and somehow they show up! I'm out to make you happy! Enter Pake....now you may ask yourself what is Pake? Well It's Not...Cake or Pie...it's BOTH!
Make a cake according to package directions. Grease the pan well. Fill with 1 1/4 cup of the batter, so the pie isn't on the bottom of the cake pan.
I cheated and bought a store bakery pie, the idea for this one was chocolate covered cherry pie! But all Safeway had was half cherry half apple pie, and it worked. You could make a pie from scratch or use a frozen one or one for a bakery! It's as easy or as involved as you want! If you cook one, make sure it's cooled. Carefully un-tin the pie, mine cracked once it was in the cake pan. but it's ok. Place on top of the cake batter Tap lightly to get any air out of the bottom
Pour the rest of the cake batter around and on top of the pie. Make sure to get all the way around the pie. There will be a leftover cake batter.
Bake according to package directions, this is tricky because the my oven is stinky, the exact middle of the cake didn't cook all the way. I cooked it a tad longer. Cool completely on a wire rack, it will take extra time to cool with the pie in the middle. Be careful when transferring, it's heavy! I choose to frost this baby with a cream cheese buttercream! Mmmm Decorate if you want. It was Memorial Day so we went even more Americana with red white and blue sprinkles!

Slice and Enjoy! Be sure to get a piece because it will go fast! I would like to try different pie/cake combos.
WOW wouldn't that be fun! The original name is The Cherpumple for the 3 layers of goodness. I decided to make my 1st attempt just one layer thus, the name Pake was born! Thanks Kevin Smallwood for the help with the name!

Makes: how many ever pieces you get!
From: Charles Phoenix Test Kitchen modified by Poff's Kitchen

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