Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Black Forrest Cake- A la Disaster Cake

Having to make a dessert for a family dinner, Daddy suggested that we make this! Sounded nice and easy. Now, I have made many cakes, cookies and pastries, but this cake just didn't want to be...pretty! But it tasted good, and that's all that matters!
1 German chocolate cake mix & ingredients to make it- bake according to directions for 2 round layers
1 pint heavy cream with a little powdered sugar, whipped
1 can cherry pie filling
Maracshino cherries for garnish, optional.

Cool the cakes on a cooling rack, prepare the whipping cream, this will be the filling and the frosting for the outside. With a string, a serrated bread knife or the cake leveler tool from Wilton, they all work just as good, trim the cakes and slice them in half making 4 layers. Place the 1st layer of cake on your cake plate and spread half of the cherry pie filling all around the middle to the edge. 2nd layer of cake and top with whipped cream. 3rd layer of cake spread with remainder of the pie filling evenly over top. 4th layer of cake is the top, spread with whipped cream, all the way to the edge. Save a little for garnish. With the rest of the whipped cream cover the sides of the cake, working quickly, making an even layer.
To garnish, take the reserved whipping cream and place it in a baggie or pastry bag with a star tip. Make a star border along the bottom of the cake to forgive any flubs. Optional to make a striped side with the bulk of the whipped cream. On top, make 10-12 whipped cream stars around the edge and top with a cherry.

Makes: 12 servings of large slices of cake
From: Poff's Kitchen with Daddy's help!

This is what the cake turned out like, for some reason we had a time making this cake, as easy as it doesn't do well not being held in the car. It cracked down the middle and became less than pretty to look at, but was enjoyed by all. It was very light and enjoyed by all!

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