Monday, June 7, 2010

Mommy What's for Lunch Monday!

Store Bought Ready Made Soup!
Before you think I am a wonderful mother...let me give you background...I am asthmatic, have been since I was 13, (Thank you Arkansas!) When I got pregnant with Philip my sypmtoms went away and stayed away to the point I got off my meds, until my 20th week of pregnancy with Anthony! So, that being said, I hadn't felt well for 2 weeks, up at night coughing and having attacks. This Monday, I woke up and couldn't move, so, I called Brent home & off to the ER we went! But of course lunch had to still be had!

Safeway Ready Made Soup to the rescue! My favorite is the Chicken Enchalada, I like to add cup up avacado, cheese and crunched up tortilla chips. The kids love it too!! Add a little bread & butter, because it's still soup, must have bread with soup and Viola! What's for lunch! Of course Tony, munched on the avacado by itself, and ate bread soaked in soup, he's such a funny monkey, he won't eat soup off a spoon, but off of bread!

Thanks to Daddy for stepping in this week!

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