Sunday, October 17, 2010


I was watching Rachel Ray a while back and she made this, but with tortilla chips, I had some left over corn tortillas one morning and thought I bet this would taste I tried it! It became an instant hit!

Take 6-8 left over corn tortillas (another post) and cut into strips and cut in half. Now, this is where the Paula Deen in me comes in, and yes they are already fried...But add some butter to your skillet and sautee the tortilla strips.
Scramble 6-8 eggs. Adding a little bit of water per egg, this makes them fluffy. If you have a stainless steel bowl whisk the eggs in it, this helps make them fluffy as well. 

 Cook the eggs, low and slow, stirring constantly to not scorch them.
 Once all of the eggs are cooked and the moisture is gone, add cheese. Turn off heat, stir and let cheese melt.
 Kid Approved!
Serve warm. I like to add salsa on top and slice up avacados.

Makes 4 servings
From: Rachel Ray modified by Poff's Kitchen

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